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Enlightened Coffee

Big Bend Coffee RoastersFrom one small business to another, Rhinestones & Rust is now selling Big Bend Coffee Rosters coffee.
We are part of the growing trend of businesses that resell used items. “They don’t make ‘em like they used to.” Oh, how many times we hear our customers say this. If it’s rusty, junky or just plain old, we sell it! It’s true these days things are made for our disposable world. Furniture goes to the dump not on to the grandkids.  We eat on the plastic dishes not the china dishes. Oh and don’t get me started on linens.


Sometimes selling used items has its disadvantages, we cannot just reorder inventory. It is the hunt: auctions, garage sales, estate sales, and the “honey holes”. So unlike ordering inventory and waiting on the UPS truck we must drive, find, negotiate price, haul home, clean/repair, price and stage in our store. (Not complaining, just making a point.)
However, some items that complement our inventory must be bought through a wholesaler; namely restoration products such as paint and supplies. We are located in a very rural area. (Not even a stop light in our little town.) So other items that we retail may not fit neatly into the “home décor, restoration, repurposing” box. One such new item is coffee.

New Product

Not just any coffee. This is from a small independent coffee roaster located in Marfa, Texas. It is of the highest-grade, certified 100% organic and certified Fair Trade. This past August we met the owner of Big Bend Coffee Roasters, Joe Williams. He also ships cattle to Kansas and so my dad and brother became acquainted with him.  Joe visited Rhinestones & Rust and thought his coffee would sell well here.
This past week we ordered and waited for the UPS truck. And so now our shelves are filled with amazing coffee!