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5 DIY Ideas for Restoring Your Old Furniture


Chalk Paint dresser

Chalk Painted dresser

As humans, we need change. Most people change their furniture layout every few months, and many of us purchase new furniture every few years, which is ideal for staying modern. However, just because you love contemporary design doesn’t mean you can’t keep old furniture that you love. From reupholstering to painting, you can revamp any furniture to work with your current decor scheme.

Alternatively, maybe you feel that you need change but you’re not emotionally or financially ready to commit to a new furniture set. In this situation, revamping your furniture and adding something as simple as a slipcover can achieve your desired result, for a fraction of the cost of a new furniture set.

Great DIY Ideas

Below, you’ll find five amazing ways to revamp old furniture.

  • Strip painted finishes. Doing this will created an attractive, antique look. Take furniture that looks old and make it look elegantly disheveled.
  • Restain solid wood. The natural wood markings in real wooden furniture are what make the item so beautiful. Instead of hiding them under paint, restain the wood to highlight their natural beauty.
  • Reupholster with Funky Fabric. For example, an antique chair that you’ve had forever doesn’t have to look old and busted. Reupholster the couch with contemporary themed fabric to modernize your accent piece.
  • Rearrange. Mix furniture from room to room. That side table in the bedroom may change up the look of a sitting room. Sometimes giving furniture a new spot in your home can have amazing results.
  • Repaint. This one seems obvious, but with so many options, it doesn’t have to be your first or only choice. When you repaint, use Milk Paint by Miss Mustard Seed or Chalk Paint ® Decorative Paint by Annie Sloan which are both non-toxic paints that are safe for children and pets. They can be finished in many ways such as shabby chic, modern, stained, textured or rustic. Both can be used indoors or outside.

With so many options for revamping, you always have something you can do with the sentimental or antique furniture items that you can’t bear to throw away. Call us if you need help!