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Finding the Value in Antiques

antique furnitureWe all know the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure”, which is the motto of Rhinestones & Rust. Taking other’s unwanted stuff and turning it into something new, beautiful and purposeful is fun and what we delight in.

Antique and vintage are words very commonly used to describe items from certain eras in time. With a little bit of imagination you can refurbish and re-invent any antique. Just about anything old can be considered antique and therefore, can be reused with the right tools and creativity.

If you spent some time rummaging around your home, you might find some items that you feel are not worth keeping, but by holding on for a little while, you could wind up with quite a gem (both by antique and financial standards).

 Here are some interesting facts about how valuable some antique items are:

  •  In 1984 the Star Wars Ewok Combat Playpack sold for $17.00 and today, has a value of $5,998.98.
  •  The 1963 original G.I. Joe action figure was sold in 2003 on eBay for $200,000.
  •  Two toy collections worth keeping are Legos and Harry Potter for future profitable benefits.
  •  Vintage signs and branded goods are a dime a dozen because of their worth and desire to be incorporated into a home’s decor. When starting a collection from this category, it’s wise to save items such as limited edition mugs, branded clothes and lapel pins.

For any items you own that you believe to be worth good monetary value, here’s what antique appraisers look for:

  • Trademarks from well-known manufacturers and designers
  • The condition of the item
  • How common or rare is the item?
  • Is it authentic? This will require some research to figure out.
  • Has the item been repaired or restored at all?
  • How salvageable is the item? Just because it’s broken doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed.
  • How “in demand” is the item?

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