About our Junkers

Home Décor in Emporia, KSRhinestones & Rust was created on Labor Day weekend 2011. Megan borrowed Amy’s car and grabbed Danielle and all the little girls and headed to the dump. They came home with many treasures and had so much fun making “new” things that they decided to make some items for a Fall Showcase Craft Show (Which Megan organized). As they showed their projects online they were selling as fast as they could be created.

As the projects and junking trips consumed Megan and Danielle’s “off hours”, Amy approached them with an idea of becoming partners and opening a store. Soon a perfect spot was found and we have been here nearly 3 years.

As our business has evolved we are ready to turn the page and open a new store in Emporia, KS in May 2015. We look forward to a more convenient location for our customers and focusing on our DIY, classes and painting/refurnishing.

Megan Albert Broyles loves to find anything chippy and bright colored. Her favorite pieces are the old metal chairs. Megan tends to be the “marketing person”. She is a networker with all the connections. She is a graduate of Emporia State University with a degree in Criminal Justice. Megan was employed as a Intensive Supervision Officer (Probation) and in the spring of 2013 was able to be  full-time at the store. She is a mom to three little junkin girls.

Danielle Potter Albert is our “orphan girl”. She picks up the stuff that we think should stay at the dump. It is amazing the vision she has for these items. She is the sewing, embroidering, jewelry making and staging girl! She is a graduate of Emporia State University with a degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Art . Danielle is a 6th grade teacher and a mom to a little junkin girl.

Amy Albert McClelland loves anything from the 1940’s to the 1970’s. She really loves books, vintage dishes, and old pop items. She is the business girl. Amy is a graduate of Emporia State University with a degree in Business Education. Amy was a high school business teacher for 6 years before “retiring” for this new venture.